BY Stephen Sanderson

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When you look over the periodic table – as one does regularly – there are a some gaping holes in man’s knowledge of the naturally-occurring elements which comprise the universe.

The element with a propensity for justice – Chuck Norris – is missing, as is the Gallifreyan element responsible for time travel.

But then there are those non-naturally occurring periodic elements which are noticeably absent, such as Dalekanium.

Known only to be created by one man, Davros – a mad guy with no eyes in a salt-shaker shaped wheelchair – the Dalekanium element is almost always fatal when it comes in contact with humans….due in no small part to its relationship to the Dalek screaming Exterminate and shooting lasers at said humans.

Dalekanium – the Dalek periodic element.

Doctor Who meets the periodic table in this mash-up.