Twilight Street

BY Faniseto

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If you’re a fan of Twilight then given your age you’ll no doubt know Sesame Street, having watched it regularly up until a few years ago.

Although I’m not a fan of the books myself  – as I’m not an adolescent schoolgirl seeking solace in a whiny character who put herself in danger simply to see the 104 year-old virgin vampire who broke up with her – I am a fan of this design by Faniseto.

Featuring  The Count as Edward the the sparkly vampire, Fozzy Bear as Jacob the Werewolf and the feisty Miss Piggy as the misunderstood Bella.

I’m thinking the whole Twilight Saga could have been much shorter had Miss Piggy originally been Bella: Listen here Vamp. Nobody breaks up with me and the only person who is allowed to sparkle is moi.

Twilight meets the Sesame Street and the Muppets  in this mash-up.

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