You’ve Got Red On You

BY Lee Byway

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When you spot a girl in the garden or find your flatmate was bitten by some crackhead, be aware that the zombie apocalypse may have started.

And in the course of fleeing your house, saving your mum, finding your girlfriend and rendezvousing down the pub while simultaneously defending yourself against the hordes of brain-eating undead wandering the Earth, you may happen to get some zombie blood on you.

Inspired by the quote “You’ve got red on you” from cult classic zom-rom-com Shaun of the Dead, this design of  the same name features the silhouette of Shaun in his Foree Electronic work clothes – complete with red blood stain – and the clawing hands of the zombie horde, all in the style of a minimalist movie poster.

And remember, after the outbreak is over zombies can always be kept down the back shed to play video games.

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