Back in My Day

BY thehookshot

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Celebrate old school, revel in retro, and let nostalgia take you for a ride back to the late 80’s and early 90’s…

Back in my Day, back before there were mp3’s, before there were even CD’s, there was the cassette tape. If we wanted music on the move we didn’t use an iPod or a portable CD player, we used a Sony Walkman. We listened to each side of a tape in its entirety and if we were lucky we had and auto-reverse where it could automatically play the other side of the tape. We didn’t skip tracks or select artists willy-nilly, if we wanted that sort of technological fangdanglery, we made a mix tape. And we didn’t have those small pathetic ear buds, we had proper earphones that you could lengthen and shorten for the perfect mis-fit.

Back in my Day, we didn’t have wireless controllers for video games. We had a joystick. Two buttons (maybe three). Collaborative gaming meant that if we couldn’t kick, punch, run, fight, or fly quick enough, we’d hit one button and a friend would hit the other. We didn’t wave our hands in the air or jump up and down to do something on screen, except of course emulating the movements of the joystick with our entire bodies willing our on-screen conqueror to run a little faster, jump a little further or fight a little harder. We had grand gaming consoles like the Commodore 64, Atari, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and the Sega Master System in all their 8-bit gaming glory.

Back in my Day, we made fun of kids who had a View Master…they were before my time.

For people who are young enough to still think being old is fun!

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