BY SevenHundred

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Attention Squibs and Muggles. So you want to be a wizard but remembering all those spells is just too difficult; your potions always look like soup; or you simply just can’t get your ‘swish and flick’ wand waving correct? Well finally there’s an answer…the iPhonus – all you spells and potions in one convenient place.

Simply select the application you need for the situation you’re in. Need to find something quickly – go for the Accio App; need a fix your recently broke specs – tap the Reparo App;  need to fight off a horde of Dementors – go for the iPatronus; can’t remember what you forgot – hit the Remberall  app.

iPhonus…the wizard’s iPhone.

Note: The use of an iPhonus during O.W.Ls and N.E.W.Ts is strictly forbidden. Dark magic apps only available to pure bloods.