Pirhana Bites The Bullet

BY Chefleclef

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If there’s one thing an addiction to TV and video games has taught me, it’s that the sewers are a breeding ground for mutants.

Lets look at the facts: Futurama – the sewers are home to all mutants (except Leila). Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – not only did the sewers spawn four mutant turtles and a rat but also two humans who mutated into a rhino and a warthog. And then there’s the world of Mario

This poor little Italian plumber has to go down into the sewer pipes and the sewers for work only to be assaulted by an army of mutants: Koopa Troopas – mutant ducks with shells; Goombas – mutant mushrooms with legs; Bullet Bill – some poor sod that has been turned into a bullet; and piranha plants – a hybrid plant that has been spliced with carnivorous fish DNA.

So I guess  it’s only natural then that these mutants would start cross-contaminating/cross-pollinating each other (or whatever mutants do) , giving rise to Chefleclef’s Pirhana Bites The Bullet.

With a ferocious human-bullet tethered to a vine and a cannibalistic plant with a taste for flesh, these Siamese twins give new meaning to the term “sibling rivalry”.

Inspired by Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros and sewer-dwelling mutants. Part of Chefleclef’s Bad Matches series.

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