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So you want to know a bit about us eh?

Firstly, we are t-shirt lovers ourselves – as in we think quality designs on t-shirts are great, not that we’re in love with them or anything – nothing suss – so the site is designed with that in mind. It was basically built by us, for us…but we’re happy to share.

T-shirt Roundup aims to provide a single point of reference for limited edition t-shirts, daily t-shirt deals, and the best designs available for purchase online. Yes, we know there are hundreds of other blogs out there doing the same thing, but here at T-shirt Roundup we think we do it a little differently.

We don’t want to be yet another t-shirt blog. When we find designs we like, we want to do them justice with a unique and witty write-up*, and not a quick one-liner stripped from an affiliates’ site.

As avid tee junkies ourselves, we also know how tedious it can be to check all the daily t-shirt sites, which is why we created The Daily Roundup. The Daily Roundup automatically aggregates information from the major daily deal and limited edition t-shirt sites into one convenient location, so you’ll never have to miss a deal again.


*My wife notes here that the write-ups aren’t witty but said that unique was certainly one way to describe them.

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