1. Why T-shirts?
Because it is generally frowned upon in modern society to walk around topless, even with cool designs scribbled on your chest. And besides, body hair usually ruins the aesthetic of the design.

2. What sort of designs can I expect to find here?
We have eclectic tastes. That said, we love popular culture references, funny slogans, TV and movie-related fan art and tasteful erotica and fantasy designs.  And we’re geeky….very geeky. You can expect to find a fair share of tees sporting designs related to Firefly, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Zombies, 80’s games, and much, much more.

3. Where do the designs come from?
We search for the top designs from around the web. The t-shirts we feature are not limited to geography or specific stores, so we feature designs and designers from all over the world.

4. What is the Daily Roundup?

The Daily Roundup is our up-to-the minute list of featured shirts on daily t-shirt sites. These sites include limited edition sites and daily t-shirt deal sites from around the world.

Limited Edition T-shirt sites typically sell only one t-shirt at a time, usually for between 24-96 hours (hence limited edition) depending on the site. These sites actively support independent and freelance designers, and while the designs may be available elsewhere online – for example print-on-demand services such as RedBubble – limited edition sites offer excellent value with prices ranging from $10-$15.

Daily Deal T-shirt sites are those sites which offer one of the shirts from their catalog each day at a substantially discounted rate. These sites also provide excellent value, with prices ranging from $6.99 – $12.00, but designs may be more mainstream and  they do not necessarily support independent designers.

If you know of other sites, please let us know here.

5. Do you get paid for featuring these shirts?

6. Would you care to elaborate?

7. Are you always this evasive?

8. I have a t-shirt design. Can I submit it to you?

If you have a t-shirt printed and is available online, then absolutely. If not, head over to any print on demand shop, submit your design then let us know. We will not show all items, as we want to maintain the high caliber of designs we feature. For more information, check out our submission page.

9. What is the history of the t-shirt?
What am I, your mother? Well I’ll tell you anyway…

Since the beginning of time, man has sought a vehicle for creative expression through personal style. Early caveman designers – not yet having invented the t-shirt-would paint their designs on the human body with animal blood and excrement. While the design culture of this time seemed to be quite heavily influenced by activities such as hunting and gathering, this custom persisted until the 1980′s when the concept of the T-shirt was reinvented by iconic actor Mister T.

10. What is the airspeed velocity of a fully-laden swallow?
Is it an African or European swallow?

11. I find some t-shirts here offensive. Who can I contact about this?
You can email any concerns to us at someone@whocares.com.

12. Why are all your facebook and twitter links referenced with stalking?
Let me ask you this…

Have you ever looked up an ex on facebook?
Do you have more friends than there are attendees at a Doctor Who convention?
Do you enjoy lurking in the shadows of Mafia Wars or creeping through the fields of Farmville?
Is your grammar appalling bad when you post your every waking thought and inane movement to your profile several times a day?
Do you ever poke your friends just to see what they’re doing?

If you answered yes to any of these then you fall somewhere in the social stalking spectrum. What is the social stalking spectrum you ask? Think of it as your social networking stalking guide

  • Social Stalkee -You are young and naive in the ways of social media.
  • Social Exhibitionist – You post more information and share more about yourself than anyone cares to read. You need to learn to spell. You are a prime target to be stalked.
  • Social Swinger – You are a narcissist who is equally happy spying on others as having others spy on you.
  • Social Voyeur – You are a potential stalker, through the police report says you are obsessive compulsive.
  • Social Stalker – You are a stalker.

13a. If your so anti facebook why are you on it
Learn some grammar. You’re just the type of person I’m talking about. It’s you’re – short for you are – not your; it’s a question, so use a question mark.  If you want to ‘aks’ me a question, learn some syntax, punctuation and spelling then try again.

13b. If you’re so anti facebook, why are you on it?
Better. Thank you. We strive to improve social media from within. And if enough people like my site I can finally prove to my ex that there are people who like me and I did amount to something.

14. Wow. You’re messed up.
It’s my cross to bare. Shouldn’t you be looking at shirts now?