No Louding

BY Lucus Martin-King

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Chinglish (noun). The art of translating Chinese into English which –  through poor grammar, spelling and total lack of knowledge or understanding of the English language – is unintentionally humorous and nonsensical in both languages.

Chinglish is abound far and wide in China from street signs to restaurants; advertisements to informational signs of cultural relics.

Want examples? Slip Carefully (or better yet watch your step and don’t slip at all); Deformed Man Toilet (Disabled toilet); Cash Recycling Machine (no, its not for money laundering, just a normal ATM with a witty name).

Lucas Martin-King gives us another – No Louding. Let me first point out, this is an actual Chinese sign – now in wearable form!

Whether the Chinese don’t want you to speak loudly, don’t want you to speak at all, or just don’t want people with heads shaped like PacMan to open their mouthes, No Louding sums up China’s Chinglish obsession where a simple “Quiet Please” would have sufficed.

Happy shirt long life! (With the purchase of this shirt you will have a long and happy life!).

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