Ravenclaw Quidditch Team Captain

BY spacemonkeydr

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From their mascot alone, one would thing Ravenclaw should surely win the Quidditch Cup. I mean, its an eagle…its a bird of prey…it can fly…and it certainly beats Hufflepuff’s Badger.

Every sports team needs merchandising. The Quidditch Athletic series by spacemonkeydr finally allows you to show your true colours and support your house team. Designed in the style of Abercrombie and Fitch athletic tees, this series features the House mascot over the Quidditch emblem of two broomsticks and the words “Team Captain”. 

Personally, I’d also like to a series dedicated to the Quidditch balls: Who wouldn’t want to walk around with “Snitch”  or “Bludger” emblazoned on their chest?

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