BY Olly Moss (aka Woss)

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Spoiler Alert!

Where were you when you found out the Darth Vader was in fact Luke Skywalker’s father or that Verbal Kent was actually Keyser Soze?

For most – happily – it will have been watching these movies with their plot twists and turns before climaxing with the dramatic revelation.

For some, however, it will have been because some *friend* couldn’t keep their trap shut before you had actually seen the movie.

Olly Moss’ Spoilt goes one step further, featuring 18 of the most memorable spoilers from popular film and television,  including Star Wars, Psycho, Dallas, Fight Club, Citizen Kane, Soylent Green, Planet of the Apes, The Wicker Man, Harry Potter, 300, The Others, The Village, A Beautiful Mind, The Usual Suspects, The Crying Game, Sixth Sense, The Matrix, and Donnie Darko.

Inspired by inconsiderate bastards and movie plot twists.