Boldly Go

BY Chuffy

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I’ve long since given up playing Monopoly, partly due to the fact I haven’t won a game in 20 years and partially due to the tireless arguments surrounding who would be which piece.

Imagine then the arguments then if Chuffy’s Boldly Go design were an actual version of Monopoly…each player would be arguing over which captain they would be.

With ships from the original series, Next Generation and Enterprise as playing pieces, and a revamped Go square featuring  monologue from Star Trek’s opening credits, this Star Trek-based version of monopoly is certainly one for the fans. Geeky? Yes. Nerdy? Definitely. Awesome? Absolutely.

Star Trek meets classic board game Monopoly in this monopolistic mash-up

(For the record, I’m going with Next Generation/Captain Picard, if only because in X-men he can read minds  and I need all the help I can get.)

Boldly Goadmin