Skywalking Dead

BY popnerd

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It started with a disturbance to the force. Rumors of a phantom menace on Endor. Murmurs of unspeakable evil on Hoth.

But soon the true nature of this evil would be revealed, as all agree that George Lucas killed them all. For it was he which unleashed the abomination upon the galaxy. He which pushed the boundaries of childhood dreams and created the prequels. He which gave life to Jar Jar Binks.

All whom encountered the dim witted imbecile would die. They always chose death over a world where such an annoying creature could live.

And yet the allure of a Star Wars prequel was too much. The souls of Star Wars characters were weak.  And so it was that one by one the Star Wars Characters rose from the dead, mindless space zombies forced to fulfill Lucas’ will.

They were there Spacewalking Dead.

Star Wars meets the Walking Dead (with a slightly Lord of the Ringsy intonation) in this sci-fi zombie mash-up.

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