The Dark Side of Mind

BY Riko2us

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Amidst an array of mind-altering psychedelic drugs and neuroscientific research papers, Sigmund Freud pioneers a breakthrough in the form of psychedelicanalysis.  Groovy.

Combing elements of neurology, classical psychoanalysis (which he invented previously) and aspects of music therapy with drug-induced stupors, Freud developed a musical masterpiece in The Dark Side of Mind.

Further refinement of the paradigm incorporated elements of psychoanalysis, pop music, shock therapy, and rock  giving rise to a new musical genre: AnalPopShock Rock. How Freudian.

Fitting really, that Freud as a neurologist and father of psychoanalysis parodies a psychedelic drug-induced album where the unofficial title track was called Brain Damage.

Pink Floyd meets Sigmund Freud in this musical mash-up.

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