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Derby #291: Video Game Titles Reinterpreted.

Here’s my pitch for a movie for a super hero movie: so there’s this teenaged kid, okay, and he notices that whenever he walks under street lights, they turn off. So that gets him thinking like, Whoa wait, am I electrically charged?!

So he goes to a science lab late at night (maybe it’s in a high school, or maybe it’s a do-it-yourself lab, kind of like those do-it-yourself garages that they have where you go and there’s all those tools. Have you ever been to one of those? It’s like, man, why do you think I know how to fix my car! I’m not a mechanic! I’m just a dude who needs his ignition coil repaired! WTF, do-it-yourself garage?!) and tests it. And sure enough, he is electrically charged!

And so then he goes around solving crimes with his electrical powers. I’m not sure what the crimes would be, but I do know that there would be a scene where the bad guys are doing something bad in a warehouse, and the lights go out, and you hear the electric guy say, “looks like someone blew a fuse,” and then there’s a crazy fight scene.

Anyway, so there’s this plot he discovers where some evil guy is trying to take over the world using a big electromagnetic ray, which does, something? Who knows! But it sounds scary! So he goes to the evil guy’s lair and he goes up to his big chair, and he swings it around and there in the chair is HIS SCIENCE TEACHER.

And that’s when he wakes up, in science class, and it was all a dream, but then he scratches his face, and there’s a little spark that shoots out of his finger and zaps his ear, and it’s like, OR WAS IT?!

What do you think?

Inspired by video game, Bioshock.

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