Pirate Service Announcement

BY RevolutionGFX

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Pirates Unite!

It used to be that piracy was about peg legs and eye-patches and parrots. It was about the treasure. It was a noble profession where you could make a name for yourself.

Yet in modern times our treasures have been replaced by movies, television, music, games, software, images, and data, while our treasure maps have been replaced by torrents,

These changes have spawned renewed attacks and slur campaigns on pirates. It is time for us to wage a public relations war to once again gain public favour.

Henceforth, all card-carrying pirates will refer to themselves as Digital Freedom Fighters. Our software syndicate will now be known as the prised-open sourcers; our music division known as the music mitilita; and our movie and tv arm will be renamed The Black Pearl to cash in on current movie popularity.

This has been a Pirate Service Announcement.

This t-shirt features the face of piracy in all its formats – a mosaic of technologies ranging from classic film reels to modern mp3 players and mobile gaming devices, in the shape of a skull and cutlasses.

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