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Do you think your invincible? Do you fight beyond your means and skill when playing Fallout OR when crossing swords with the King of England?

Do you think strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is a basis for a system of government, or rather, that supreme executive power is derived from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony?

Well, if your a Monty Python trivia buff here are some juicy Python tidbits that we promise you didn’t already know:

  • John Cleese and Graham Chapman met at Cambridge University during its founding in 1231. Pope Gregory IX granted both students the right to teach across all Christendom, but the two decided to pursue comedy instead.
  • The “Spam” sketch was never intended to be, nor has ever been, funny.
  • Monty Python’s Flying Circus was the first and last British comedy show to feature grown men dressed in drag. The British people wanted to go out on top with that one.
  • A notorious prima donna, Cleese insisted on using a freshly-deceased bird for every live performance of the Dead Parrot Sketch. It is said that the African Gray Parrot’s current endangered status in due in large part to Cleese’s demands.
  • The Cheese Shop sketch is the best sketch in the history of sketch comedy. Perhaps that’s a bit more of an opinion than a piece of “trivia”. But, well, there it is.

Wear this shirt: Around your Fallout friends and Python friends and see if they get along.

Don’t wear this shirt: If you’re actually being targeted for death.

This shirt tells the world: “Message for you, sir.”

We call this shirt: The Black Knight Was The Funniest Part Of The Movie When We Were 11, But Come On.

Monty Python’s Black Knight meets Fallout in this mash-up.

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