Please Recycle

BY RevolutionGFX

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We at Tshirt Roundup are big supporters of PETA. Not the self-rightous fundamentalist animal-rights group, but rather the People for Eating Tasty Animals.

Support PETA by Recycling your pets. Tasty tips and recipes for recycling your pet include Turtle Tacos, Moggie Meatloaf,  Canary Cataloni, Hot Dogs and eating at McDonalds (who’ve been recycling animals for over 40 years).

So when your animal finally goes to that big pet cemetry in the sky, please recycle.

Inspired by the bumber sticker in the movie Fight Club.

Note: No animals were harmed during the writing of this article…although one vegan was drowned in a fish tank by an angry pet who wasn’t recycled.

Let us know your ideas on how best to recycle animals.

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