Unspoken Telepathy

BY jayveezed

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A long time ago, in a share-flat far, far away…

Tim and Daisy, having met by chance in a cafe, have secured a flat posing as a professional couple.

Having been dumped by his girlfriend for Duane ‘Darth Maul’ Benzie, Tim must work through the hurt and betrayal inflicted upon him…by George Lucus, Jar Jar Binks and pretty much the entire Star Wars Episode I.

Together with Tim’s best friend Mike – who once stole a tank while on manoeuvres in Paris and tried to invade Euro-Disneyland  – the pair share their Yoda-like knowledge of the unspoken telepathy – the force – that exists between all men: gun fights with invisible guns.

Oh, Tim. How would you cope now that Star Wars is a Disney franchise?

JVZDesigns pays tribute to British comedy Spaced and Disney’s latest franchise Star Wars in this mash-up.

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