Zombies on Abbey Road

BY soulthrow

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Some albums endure the test of time. Some albums become an icon of a time and place in history. And some albums are so memorable that fans around the world gather to pay homage to the album cover.

There’s no doubt the Beatles have their fans over the past 50 years with a string of tribute bands echoing the Fab Four around the world. With two of the Beatles themselves deceased and thousands of their fans no longer with us, is it any surprise that when the walking dead take the Earth there’ll be a Zombie Beatles Cover Band?

With such hits as All You Need is Brains, A Day In the Un-life, Help!, and I Want to Eat Your Hand, the Zombies on Abbey Road tribute band will leave certainly leave you with a taste for the Beatles…literally.

Zombies meet the Beatles in this mash-up.

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