Empire Urban Regeneration

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When most people think of the Galactic Empire they think of a totalitarian reigeme based on tyranny, fear, brutal and often lethal force. They focus on actions like a the destruction of Alderaan and  the enslavement and/or genocide of countless races including the Wookies.

This t-shirt pays homage to the all-too-often overlooked good things the empire did for its citizens through its Urban Regeneration Project.  It created thousands of new jobs through building projects such as the Death Star; it promoted the industries of countless planets and moons whose sole off-world income was reliant on the Empire; and most importantly it strove to keep the theater-going public safe from blundering idiots such as Ja Ja Binks.

Next time you think about the Empire, remember those whose lives were ruined by a small band of rebels intent on bringing social change.

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