Geek Brain Mind Map

BY fishbiscuit

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Games. Computers. Internet. Movies. Graphic Novels. Action Figures. Do any of these sound like the interests of someone you know?

If your loved one enjoys spending their free time participating in any of the aforementioned nefarious pursuits, then they may be a geek.

But don’t fret – help is available. Despite their lack of social skills, geeks can have a full – if not active – life.

The Geek Brain Mind Map gives you the insight and understanding you need to be able to finally communicate with a geek in terms they understand.

Dating and girls – does not compute. Memes and torrents – you’ll be talking about arrows in knees and seeds, leechers and trackers in no time.

Even the irony of using a mind map to describe a geek will not be lost on them and provide several avenues of conversation.

Geek Brain Mind Map –  Be geeky. Be proud.

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