Wonka Who

BY James Hance

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Not surprisingly, Willy Wonka and Doctor Who share more than a few similarities: both are eccentric; both are geniuses; both share a fondness for bow ties; and both are essentially loners.

These similarities combined with the fact that Willy Wonka has a great glass elevator that can travel in any direction while the Doctor has a Tardis that can travel through time and space lead me to believe that Willy Wonka is a time lord.

Sure, he can’t travel through time but he does have a pocket watch…perhaps with his real Gallifreyan identity safely kept inside??? And the Oompa Loompas – singing, dancing, orange-skinned munchkins – you can’t tell me they’re originally from Earth. No, he simply picked them up from Oz when he killed the Wicked Witch.

Willy Wonka meets Doctor Who in this mash-up.

Wonka Whoadmin