The ABC’s of Fandom

BY warbucks360

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How well do you know your pop culture?

From Sci-Fi series to Action movies, children’s cartoons to video games, cult movies to classic books, this design features the alphabet using letters from each of your favorite pop-culture fandoms.

The ABC’s of Fandom. Something fun, a bit of a puzzle, and all kinds of awesome. How many fandoms can you identify?

Hint: The letter doesn’t necessarily correspond with the first letter of the show/movie/game/book.

SPOILER/ANSWERS: A – Battlestar Galactica, B – Buffy, C – Jurassic Park, D – Dr. Who, E – Predator, F – Family Guy, G – Hunger Games, H – Harry Potter, I – Indiana Jones, J – Jaws, K – Hello Kitty, L – Lord of the Rings, M – Merlin, N – Tron, O – Game of Thrones, P – Pokemon, Q – Quantum Leap, R – Star Wars, S -Star Trek, T – Transformers, U – Thundercats, V – V for Vendetta, W – World of Warcraft, X – X Files, Y – Firefly, Z – The Legend of Zelda

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