The All Seeing Eye

BY Chefleclef

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I like designs that make you do a double-take…especially when they involve two of my favorite geeky passions – Lord of the Rings and Doctor Who.

When viewed from a distance, this design resembles the Eye of Sauron – the all-seeing eye atop Barad-dûr in Lord of the Rings. But upon closer inspection you see it is actually the TARDIS being sucked into a deadly wormhole with Doctor number 4 Tom Baker’s scarf flowing out into the interstellar winds outside.

Will the Doctor be crushed by the wormhole? Is this a rift in space and time that will transport him to a parallel universe filled with Hobbits, Nazgul, Wizards, and Ents? Is there any chance of getting Liv Tyler (Arwen) to be the next companion?

Inspired byDoctor Who and Lord of the Rings.

The All Seeing Eyeadmin