11 + 1 Doctors

BY bomdesignz

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I  suppose that one of the advantages of time travel and the ability to regenerate yourself is that you can just think of a time and place and all of your incarnations will know to meet there to catch up for a cup of tea. But if you’ve not met yourself before, how do you know that it is actually you who turned up?

One of these Doctors doesn’t belong here,
One of these Doctors just isn’t the same,
Can you tell which Doctor doesn’t belong here?
Now it’s time to play our game…

If you guessed that the Doctor in a metal casing with an eye stalk, a laser and some flashing lights yelling out Exterminate while trying to kill the other versions of yourself was an impostor, then you were correct. It was the lack of companion that gave it away.

Inspired by the 11 regenerations of Doctor Who…and one Dalek interloper.

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