The Four Natural Elements

BY warbucks360

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Did Harry Potter defeat Voldemort by blowing on him? No. Was war fought in Middle Earth because Sauron possessed a cup of Water. I think not. Can Jedi move objects and control weak-minded people because they have a packet of matches in their pocket. I doubt it. And does Doctor Who save the day with a tub of mud? Unlikely (albiet possible).

Forget the classical notions of the natural elements being Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Every Sci-Fi/Fantasy geek knows that  in the alternative realities of popular geek culture,  these elements are meaningless when compared with the elements of The Force, The Ring of Power, Time Travel and Wizardry.

Because these elements are the quintessential elements for the popularity, success and longevity of the Star Wars/Lord of the Rings/Doctor Who/Harry Potter franchises.

Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who and Harry Potter in one gloriously geeky mash-up.

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